Strange Stock Art Conservation provides preservation services relating to the repair and care of works on paper and photographic materials. Focusing on a wide range of materials, the studio frequently conducts treatments for often overlooked historical objects, such as music memorabilia, tattoo ephemera and folk art. The studio serves private collections and larger institutions, with special consideration for inherently fragile artifacts. All objects receive comprehensive written and photographic documentation throughout examination and treatment. Consultation services are available in-house, onsite or for emergency response. Whether you have a few pieces or an extensive collection, Strange Stock is here to Save What You Love™.


How can I discuss artwork that needs repair?

The best way to get in touch with Strange Stock Art Conservation is through the CONTACT page, but you may call:

859-739-3989 directly or email

What is the difference between conservation and restoration?

The terms are often confused, but the practice of conservation involves the methods which foster maintenance of an object to keep it as close to its original condition and purpose of use, for as long as possible. This approach focuses on minimal intervention and the appropriate reversibility of treatments to aid in the assistance of treatments down the line. The consideration of material strength of an object and how it can best be treated and preserved for the future are key. Restoration often uses methods to enhance original materials and can overcompensate for missing information, oftentimes unfortunately favoring aesthetics over long-term stability.

How much does treatment cost?

Each object is unique and jobs are priced accordingly to how many hours it will take to complete the client desired work. Examinations and treatment proposals are complimentary. Day rates for onsite evaluation are available in or out-of-state, please contact the studio for further information.

What kinds of objects do you repair?

Quite a variety, from 19th century mug shots to Matisse! The studio treats all kinds of pieces, including: rock n' roll posters, fine art prints, drawings, vintage tattoo flash, watercolors, photographs, antique maps, scrolls, contemporary art, record album covers, family documents, outsider art, scrapbooks, sports memorabilia, movie sheets, collectible ephemera, game boxes and more. 

My piece only has sentimental value, will that affect the cost?

No, it is unethical and a conflict of interest within the conservation profession for the cost of treatment to be based on the monetary value of an object - whether a signed Darpel flash panel or the now vintage Thin Lizzy ticket you've kept in your wallet over the years, all pieces are treated with the same respect and fees are based on treatment needs.

What is a Professional Associate and who is the AIC?

The American Institute for Conservation (AIC) is a national membership organization which dedicates itself to the preservation of cultural material. The organization promotes scientific research and publications, while setting professional standards for the field. Professional Associate membership is a peer-reviewed status whose knowledge, training and experience has been recognized by a committee which verifies the candidate for professional conduct and upholding the AIC Code of Ethics. 

Where are you located and can I swing by?

The studio is located in Covington, Kentucky just across the river from Cincinnati. Of course we'd love to meet you and your collection. Please CONTACT the studio to make an appointment. 

Do you accept shipments? 

Absolutely! Strange Stock is lucky to meet so many faces behind the collection items, but sometimes clients can't schedule an in-person visit based on their schedule or location. We are happy to offer complimentary shipping both ways on approved jobs. Please call or email before sending items so we may advise on packing guidelines and shipping methods.